Stori'S Monte Carlo

Fabrizio Pestorino

If it is true that the most beautiful stories are born almost by chance, the road that led Fabrizio Pestorino to the art of hair styling has the flavor of a real thunderbolt and the charm of a tale where commitment and talent have given birth to an inexhaustible passion.
It is from this passion that Stori’S takes shape, an ambitious project that aims to put the excellence of the art of hair care at the service of style.

Stori’S is the place where dreams, passions and creativity become real through the skilled and capable hands of Fabrizio Pestorino, an artist capable of interpreting the style needs of clients, transforming their image with mastery and originality, enhancing the nature of their hair.
Listening, confrontation and curiosity make Fabrizio Pestorino’s work recognizable in the refined elegance of his creations, in the unmistakable style that is always current.

Sophisticated simplicity. Turn beauty into reality, define your own style and make your personality flourish.